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Its all about longevity, we need to know we can work with you and your goals as much as you need to know we are the right fit for your company and requirements.


BBIT has grown solid relationships with a number of  clients throughout its 8 year history.

We thrive on picking up a project and maximising the opportunities. Clients put their trust in us to bring this quality to their projects and take them to completion.


We have worked with many clients, from different sectors.

We have helped lots of companies – some have a problem that software can solve – but don’t know where to start, others that have a clearly defined specification and need it built. We bring significant experience in across the board to provide you with the insight your project needs.

Our portfolio speaks for itself!


Working with you on a project involves looking at a project from many different angles to identify opportunities and ensure deliverables.

We are in a fortunate position where we can offer perspective not only from a technical ,innovative approach lending a helping hand to the growth of your project.

We also ensure the clients perspectives are understood and a total buy in from there supporting teams are achieved.